Spinal Orthotics

It is the mission of Victory Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. to provide advanced-quality orthotic & prosthetic solutions, and to provide a level of service unmatched in professionalism, compassion and expertise, driven by our faith and passion for excellence.

 Spinal Services

Victory O&P is the leader in comprehensive orthotic spinal care in Northeast Tennessee and the surrounding regions. Whether you have a spinal fracture, spinal deformity or vertebral imbalance, we find the best orthotic spinal system for your condition through training, experience and medical team collaboration.

Spinal Services include:

Custom fit and custom fabricated:
• TLSO – Thoracic lumbar spinal orthosis
• LSO – Lumbar sacral orthosis

Cervical systems:
• HALO – PMT brand
• CTLSO – Cervical thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis
• CTO – Cervical thoracic orthosis
• Cervical Collars – Rigid, semi-rigid and soft collars


Victory O&P excels at Scoliosis orthosis care because we have taken a special interest and undergone extensive training in this specialty. Scoliosis and spinal conditions involving deformation and instability are very complex; therefore treatment has to be thorough, in consideration of the 3-D postural affect and optimal results occur with a multi-discipline approach.

The SpineCor® treatment approach is completely different from that of traditional braces that use 3-point pressure and distraction; it is the first and only true dynamic bracing system for idiopathic scoliosis. SpineCor®’s unique approach to treatment by global postural re-education has been shown to give progressive correction over time which, unlike any previous brace treatment, is extremely stable post brace weaning

Spinecore Scoliosis Bracing

This spinal system is very similar to the SpineCor system in that it uses an asymmetric approach to postural re-education/alignment. After a careful interpretation of the X-rays, we complete a thorough 3-D evaluation in consideration of the body’s compensation for the deformity. This is followed by an orthosis design for optimal postural re-education considering individual flexibility. Again, this system works best when augmented by physical therapy reinforcing the orthosis postural correction.

Gomez Bracing System

Back and Spinal Bracing: More Information

Spinal orthoses are used to provide support to the back and spine through immobilization of the spinal region and compression of the soft tissue of the back.  Chronic back pain is a major health issue and can be severely debilitating if not properly addressed.  Spinal orthoses are usually categorized according to how far up the back they extend.  Sacral orthoses only address the lower back area, whereas lumbar sacral orthoses (LSOs) extend from the hips to the middle of the back.  For patients requiring significant control of the spinal region, a thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis (TLSO) may be prescribed.  TLSOs extend from the hips to the shoulder blades and cover the majority of the back in order to be effective.


Spinal orthoses are fabricated from various materials, from elastic materials such as Lycra or Spandex, to cotton or nylon, all the way to a full plastic “body shell” design.  The particular spinal orthosis design that is needed to best address the patient’s medical needs will be selected by the physician in consultation with an orthotist or other provider of the orthosis.


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