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  1. Ensure that your prosthesis fits correctly at all times. Check your skin after each time you wear your prosthesis. Inform your prosthetist of any discomfort.
  2. Ensure that your prosthesis is set at the right height.
  3. Use your prosthesis correctly at all times. Follow wear program directions given by your prosthetist.
  4. If you can’t or don’t want to wear your prosthesis, assess your risk and have a plan for getting safely from point A to point B.
  5. Never hop on your sound limb.
  6. Be prepared for times when you are not able to use your prosthesis. Now how to function in your home with or without it.
  7. Be aware that medications and/or alcohol can impair your sense of touch, balance, judgment, and other bodily functions.
  8. Maintain good posture while sitting or standing.
  9. Develop close professional and support relationships with your physician, prosthetist, therapist and other prosthesis users so you know where to turn for help if you need it.
  10. Take advantage of programs and services offered by professional organizations like the Amputee Coalition to increase your knowledge, support, and sense of connectedness.

Preventing injury and other health conditions is an important part of living well with limb loss. 

Custom Prosthetics

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