Often, people think of super-human strength when they hear the name Wonder Woman™. The staff at Victory O&P thinks of –

Often, people think of super-human strength when they hear the name Wonder Woman™. The staff at Victory O&P thinks of Ms. Terry.

Terry came to Victory in August of 2019 with a determination to walk again. She was focused on regaining her mobility and taking charge of her rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Ms. Terry encountered a variety of roadblocks on her road to wellness. Despite the obstacles, she persevered.

  • In July, she had her first amputation on right side below the knee.
  • In September, she had a revision on the right side to above the knee.
  • In November, her left leg was amputated below the knee.
  • In January, she had to have a revision to clean out the left side from infection.
  • In April, her left leg was amputated above the knee. She became a bilateral above the knee amputee. Not only did she have another amputation but, she was isolated during COVID.

Victory staff took some time to have some fun with social distancing. We joked about that the song by Melissa Etheridge, “Come to my Window”. Victory O&P’s Patient Liaison Katie showed up at Ms. Terry’s Window to brighten her day and we might just have sung it to her.

Ms. Terry never wavered in her determination to walk again. Throughout her recovery and despite the multiple complications resulting in bilateral amputations, she remained determined. The turmoil caused by Covid-19 during her rehabilitation only served to strengthen her resolve. By the end of March, Terry received her very own Wonder Woman™ leg. Witnessing her finally standing on one leg, after all the obstacles she faced, left the entire team at Victory amazed at her perseverance and strength.

Terry was finally healed, and in May she received her new prosthesis. She was fit with the best technology to help her regain her mobility and to reach her goals. She can sit comfortably in this socket when she isn’t actively walking, allowing her to remain comfortable throughout the day.

Yesterday Terry, a new bilateral above knee amputee, participated in the Hope to Walk Virtual 5K. Her team at Victory Orthotics and Prosthetics was proud to walk with her. Please join us in congratulating Terry on this huge accomplishment!Orchard View Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center#VictoryOP #HereForYou #amputee # #HTWVirtual5K #wewalksotheycan

Posted by Victory Orthotics and Prosthetics on Saturday, August 8, 2020

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