After colliding with a teammate in practice on Thursday, Tennessee wing Yves Pons had to undergo facial surgery. Amazingly, it looks like Pons could only miss one game and be back for Wednesday’s clash with the the South Carolina Gamecocks in Knoxville.

Of course, he won’t be without some protection on his face. Pons will don a plastic face mask like the one that John Fulkerson wore earlier in the season. On Tuesday, the official Tennessee Basketball Twitter account posted a video of Pons getting fitted for his new headwear. As the video explains, the medical staff got a 3-D scan done of his face to make sure the mask was a perfect fit. By the end of the video, fans get an idea of what it will be like to see Pons wearing his face mask against the Gamecocks.

On Monday, Barnes felt confident about Pons’ ability to return quickly as long as his mask was ready by Wednesday’s game.

“Yeah, I think so,” Barnes said. “If his mask gets here, I think he will. He’s gonna have to wear that mask, probably, for a couple weeks. But knowing him, if it’s here, [he’ll play]. He won’t do any contact today. If it comes in, he’ll definitely [play]. Knowing him, he’ll do it, and I think Chad pretty much has told me that’s what would happen.

“We’ll see it how it goes, but I would think he would [play].”