Turning a negative into a positive is exactly what Victory Orthotics and Prosthetics in Johnson City has done after the business was destroyed last year.

It was back in July 2015 when Christopher Alexander blew up his competitor’s medical office, forcing the business to move into a temporary location.

But today, the office celebrates its grand re-opening, back at the original Knob Creek location.

“We’re here, we are back, and I think we’re better than ever,” CEO and President of Victory Orthotics and Prosthetics Zach Smith said.

The destruction to the building affected not only the owners, but patients who rely on this office everyday.

“There were a lot of things that were damaged that prevented people from getting their prosthesis,” Smith said.

Just a little background.

Prosecutors said Christopher Alexander bombed the building for revenge against some of Victory’s workers, who once threatened to turn him in for over-billing his patients.

Victory’s practice manager Jason Filson said it took many steps to rebuild. He told us they looked at the positive, asking patients what would improve their quality of care.

Our patients experience, that is what we focused on,” Filson said. “By answering that question of what do our patients experience, we were able to then re-design the interior of this location.”

As far as Alexander is concerned, News 5 looked through court documents and learned his sentencing is set for late-January.

By: Maggie Smolka